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    Web/UI design

    • What is the difference between custom web design and a template web design?

    There are many free templates online that you can choose from. These are pre made web design templates that many web hosting companies designed for you to choose from assuming that you will pay the small monthly fee for hosting. A template is not based on specific customer needs and is harder to make changes to. A custom web design is a website that is made from scratch after analyzing the market, target audience, competing companies, and collecting the data about the specific industry. Once all the info is collected the project manager will discuss the approach for the new website including the site map, colors, content, links etc.

    • How effective is a website that was created in flash?

    Flash is one method for creating websites. Flash website usually looks very attractive and interactive. However, a website that was created all in flash cannot be crawled by Google properly and will not benefit search engine target keywords. There has to be integration between flash and HTML.  We specialize in creating creativity with readability when it comes to web design.  You can check our portfolio to learn more.

    • How helpful is a website to a business?

    Today, most reputable companies have a website to represent their business. Some only have a landing page for really small businesses that can be like a business card, some will have a larger website that will be interactive and some will have online stores, e-commerce and users that can login to the websites. It all depends on the size of business and how you want to present it in the online community.

    • Html, php, .net, Xhtml, web 2.0, it’s all very confusing, which one should I choose?

    We know that this might be very confusing. With an extensive group of designers, programmers, project managers and administrators we will help you choose what is right for your needs. Please fill out the short contact us form and we will be able to discuss all the options

    Search engine optimization (SEO) services:

    • Why SEO?

    SEO (search engine optimization) has long known to be the science of promoting websites in the search engine results based on targeted keywords that are relevant to a specific industry. It would be the “kosher” way to promote your website presence on search engines without paying per ad or per user click.
    In fact, most of the companies we are working with understand that SEO is extremely important to their website and know that a website without SEO is like a business card without being handed out.

    • Can I do SEO myself?

    Sure you can. The only problem is that it is very hard to see actual results. Google has hundreds of algorithms that are programmed on their web crawlers and usually tend to change. Our company has identified over 250 parameters that can help your website when it comes to search engines algorithms. SEO is a science that requires a lot of knowledge and long hours of work, writing content, submitting them, building links, submitting to directories, finding the right keywords to promote and having a deep understanding of how it works. Plus, there are always new trends on Google that you would have to keep up to date.

    • PPC (pay per click) or SEO?

    Pay per click is one method of advertising that can give you immediate results on the sponsored links on Google, Yahoo, MSN. Depends on your budget and the ADWORDS you choose, you will be found on search engines and get the exposure you desire. Once you stop paying for the placement on the sponsored links your ad will be gone.
    When choosing SEO, the work is done on the backend of the website, targeting the organic results rather than the sponsored links. The results from SEO will last longer and benefit you in the long run. The results might come slower but will stay longer on the organic part of the search engines.

    Web application development:

    • What is web application development?

    Basically, having dynamic websites integrated with server side programming to give the website the ability to interact with users, login, data, social networking, reservations, booking, leads management etc.
    Some of the technologies will include:

    • HTML (HyperText Markup Language)
    • CSS (Cascading Style Sheets)
    • JavaScript
    • Web 2.0
    • Ajax (Asynchronous JavaScript and XML)
    • jQuery (JavaScript Framework Library - commonly used in Ajax development)
    • MooTools (JavaScript Framework Library - commonly used in Ajax development)
    • Dojo Toolkit (JavaScript Framework Library - commonly used in Ajax development)
    • Creation of blogs and integrating them with social networking websites
    • Rss feeds
    • Which one should I choose?

    Here at Webility Group we work with any of these technologies since our staff is highly trained in all programming technologies. Please call us so we can discuss the method that best fits your needs.

      Mobile website design

    Why should I worry about mobile web design?
    With today’s technology most people who own a cell phone have internet access and some websites just don’t look as good on the mobile devices
    Is mobile web design the same as regular website design?
    Not really. Just like when you build a website you have to make sure that it is compatible with all the browsers, mobile web browsers are sometimes harder to manipulate and require deep understanding in programming and design.

      Website maintenance services

    Do I need web maintenance services?
    By now, it is well known that fresh content on the website is extremely helpful to your page ranking on major search engines.  Search engines want to see that the website is “alive” and updated at all times.
    What is CMS?
    CMS is content management system that can give you the ability to update your website at any time. You can find different software on the market but here at Webility Group we have our own custom CMS program that can give full control over the content of your website.
    How does it work?
    We can create a custom CMS for you or we can do the updates if you sign up for an all year long updates with us. The other option is if you need to make changes we will figure out in advance how long it will take us to perform the service you are asking for and we will give the estimation for the hours.

      Web hosting services

    Do I need my own dedicated server?
    Most websites do not require a dedicated server. Dedicated server would usually be required for really big companies that have a lot of confidential data and transactions. For the most part, websites are using a hosting company to share the space to host their files with some other websites.

    How much does it cost?
    The price for your web hosting varies and typically depends on the size of the files on the website. Most websites hosting cost around $15 a month.


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