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Following all the trends and challenges in the mobile web design and development Webility group can offer you the solutions to optimizing the users experience on their mobiles.

With the advance technologies and the abundance of mobile devices mobile web design has changed the way users use the internet. In the past developing and optimizing mobile sites was a very hard mission. Today, most people have smart phones like iphone, Blackberry, and Goggles’ android etc. most companies offer web browser compatibility on most phones and browsing the web on mobile phone became very popular.

Having a WAP friendly website is extremely important when looking for a mobile website design. A recent survey shows that in the past year almost 30% of the mobile users in the world have utilized their mobile web service to browse the internet. This number will keep increasing with time. The 3G network that most cell phone companies offer is not fast enough to give users the same experience as their home computers but with increased technology the experience should transform just like it did from dial up to high speed internet.

Let us help you with customizing your website to be a mobile user friendly by applying the most advanced technology to your mobile website. With our team of motivated experts customizing your website to be mobile user friendly has never been easier and affordable. If you are interested in optimizing your website to be a mobile web Design you know where to find the answer.

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wWebility is developing a specialty in the Mobile Web Design department to make all of our customers' websites compatible on the mobile web browsers.

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