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Steps for building a website

So you decided that there is something that is not working right in your business. You spoke to your family and friends and they all tell you that today’s best way to promote your business is online by creating a website. You Google “web design “or “web development” and you are surprised to find out that there are millions of results when it comes to these keywords. So you start clicking on few of the results and find some interesting information about companies that do web design and web development. You call several of them and submit couple of forms online. Then the questions start, what kind of website do you want? What design do you want? What kind of elements should we implement? How many pages? And the questions never end. So you decide that you don’t want to deal with all that so you go to the local news channel cause it too complicated for you to decide and you have now knowledge what so ever about all that nonsense.

But wait!!

Why don’t you let the pros think for you?
We can make it simple by guiding you in the right direction. We can do all the thinking for you and together we will decide which approach to take based on your websites’ needs. We have four steps that can make your life much easier. Just stick with us.

Free website

There are thousands of websites that will offer you creating a free website by yourself. But my dad always told me that “Free is always the most expensive” let’s face it; building a professional website is for real professionals. And professionals charge for their services. But after all, without you, the business owner they will not have a business. We offer to make your life easier by taking these four easy steps.

What you need is:

  • First step- The concept. How would you like your website to look like? What colors? Who is your target audience?
  • Second step- categories (site map): what are the topics, categories and sub categories you would like to convey in your website?
  • Third step- content: what content would you like to describe under each category, you are the real pro in your industry and you know best how to describe what you do.
  • Fourth step- promoting your site (SEO): search engine optimization, how to make it to the first page on Google?

Don’t overwhelm yourself with all these questions; we have the tools and the expertise to make your life much easier. We will guide you in a very easy process to come to the website you desire. A professional web company will take a project that is combining a state of the art design and search engine optimization going hand in hand. If a company only offers you to design a website without promoting it, you might consider to keep searching.


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